Phalanx is recruiting!

Phalanx is looking for members to bolster our ranks! We are currently progressing on Malkorok in heroic SoO and plan to raid heroic mode (what is now normal) in Warlords of Draenor.

Check out our guild charter and application form on the recruitment forum!

(Hell)Scream for all I care

We killed Garrosh two weeks ago, and repeated the kill this week with a 1-shot! Good job everyone!


Crawler Mines and (un)friendly bugs

Last week we killed Siegecrafter Blackfuse and Paragons of the Klaxxi! Yay us!

Recruitment and progress update

Phalanx is recruiting! For more information or to apply, visit our recruitment forum!

We’ve been fighting our way through Throne of Thunder the past two weeks. We managed to kill Horridon before the nerf, and after struggling a bit on Council of Elders they went down yesterday as well!


Last week we extended our Mogu’shan save and continued our efforts on Elegon Heroic, with great success! By now The Thunder King patch has gone live, meaning our next raids will be in the Throne of Thunder. See you there!

Heroic Progression

We made some progress on heroic modes the last 2 weeks, downing Heroic Stone Guard and Heroic Feng already in the previous weeks. Last Tuesday we also shot down Heroic Gara’jal the Spiritbinder!

Sha of Dance

The last update was a while ago! Tonight we started our first tries on Sha of Fear, and we didn’t need many! People learned very fast, and on the third try everyone executed the fight flawlessly, resulting in a kill! Normal modes done! Time for some dance:


Deathwing is dead!

We killed heroic Deathwing!

The straw that broke the dragon’s Spine

Last night on a classic Phalanx “last try” we killed heroic Spine of Deathwing! Great work from everyone that was there, a thank you to Diversity for sitting out, and a hug to Keldorn for thinking it was Sunday and missing the raid. We’re eager to get started on heroic Madness!

Mess with the bull….get SICK LOOT

Well..not really, I can’t complain about my new tier headpiece, but our druid tanks didn’t have much use of the shield.

So we killed Warmaster Blackhorn on heroic mode last night, which leaves us with just one boss to kill until Mists of Pandaria goes live, whenever that will be! Well okay, technically it’s two fights. I guess we have to show Deathwing who’s boss…twice!